• Apr

  • 20

  • New Update - Trackers

  • New items that will track specific statistics on certain items.

New Update - Trackers

Hey everyone,

We're excited to announce that trackers have been added! There are a total of 12 trackers and they will track specific statistics on certain items.

The following are the new trackers:
- Arrows Shot
- Blocks Broken
- Bosses Killed
- Damage Blocked
- Damage Dealt
- Damage Taken
- Distance Flown
- Distance Travelled
- Experience Gained
- Headshots
- Mobs Killed
- Players Killed

How can I obtain these trackers?
You can purchase them from our store @ store.emperic.org.

We hope you enjoy these new trackers! Stay tuned for the next content drop which will include gambling.

- Emperic Team

  • Apr

  • 10

  • Content Drop #1 | Enchantments, Repair Shards & More!

  • This first content drop introduces new enchantments, the experience shop, repair shards and mystery books.

Content Drop #1 | Enchantments, Repair Shards & More!

Hey everyone,

We're excited to share information about our first content drop that's just released! This content drop introduces new enchantments, the experience shop, mystery books, repair shards. We were gonna release stat trackers alonside this content drop, but something came up! Of course, they will still be released but later on.

The new enchantments are in beta stage, which means there could be some issues or changes needed to better balance them. Please make sure to leave your feedback on them in our Discord.


There are over 130 new enchantments with 5 rarities. You can obtain common, rare and legendary enchantments from the enchantment table whilst you have to...

  • Apr

  • 02

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Help the Easter Bunny by collecting their eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt

Hey everyone,

The Easter Bunny has came and they are looking for their eggs that they lost. Help the bunny by collecting all 35 eggs to be rewarded $70,000 and 35 tokens. The Easter Bunny isn't staying for long though.. They'll be leaving April 9th.

You can find the eggs in the following places:

● Main Spawn (x10)
● Fishing (x10)
● Overworld Spawn (x5)
● Nether Spawn (x5)
● End Spawn (x5)

You can use /eggs to view your overall progress.
Happy hunting!

- Emperic Team

  • Mar

  • 22

  • Server Launch

  • What to expect next from us.

Server Launch

Hey everyone,

What's next for Emperic? We have a list of major content planned for the weeks to come. Though, you can expect constant quality of life changes, balancing adjustments, fixes and more. So.. What's the list of major content planned? In the following weeks, you can expect (in order):

● Custom enchantments
● More special items such as stat trackers.
● Gambling (lottery, coin flips & drinks)

This is just a short list, you can expect more content to arrive! We're just not ready to share what's to come after.. In the meantime, we hope you have fun!

You can connect now using 1.16.5 on play.emperic.org.

- Emperic Team

  • Mar

  • 08

  • Server Update #4

  • Final server update before we launch.

Server Update #4 | Final Touches

Hey everyone,

We're now two weeks away before the release (March 22nd @ 2pm pacific). We're applying the final touches and adjustments so the server can be as great as it can be. After this, we'll be working on the first content drop you can expect post-launch. More information will be shared afterwards..

This also is the final reminder about staff applications. If you still want to apply to become a staff member, click here. Applications will close this Sunday (March 14th) and we'll start checking them the day after (March 15th).

You can expect another server update on March 22nd. See you on launch day!

- Emperic Team

  • Feb

  • 23

  • Server Update #3

  • Server release date and reminder about staff applications.

Server Update #3 | Release Date

Hey everyone,

We've completed every major feature, but still got some quality of life changes to work on, some testing to do and to get ahead of the new content that will drop post-launch!

There is now a release date too! We'll be launching on March 22nd @ 2pm pacific standard time. You can use a time zone converter found online to see what time it is for you.

Finally, a week before launch (March 15th), we'll start checking staff applications. Applications will close on the 14th. If you still want to apply, click here to submit an application.

  • Feb

  • 06

  • Server Update #2

  • New website and staff applications.

Server Update #2 | Staff Applications

Hey everyone,

We're excited to share with you the new website which allows us to make announcements, update logs and more. In this weekly update, we'll be discussing staff applications and some more progress about the server. Continue reading to find out more.

What's left to be completed?

We've finished the economy and challenges, but still got one more major feature left which is; Revamped Ender Dragons. We've also got some other final touches to do before release.

How can I apply for staff?

If you are willing to join the team, click here to submit an application. Applications will be processed before the...

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